Terms and Conditions TXUNA M-PESA

Txuna M-Pesa Terms and Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions apply to use of the BancABC Nano Loans Service (the “Service”) to you (“the Customer”).  By using this Service, you will be deemed to have read, understood and accepted these Terms and Conditions.


1.1.   BancABC: means African Banking Corporation (Mozambique) SA, the financial institution responsible for providing the Service to the Customer.

1.2.   Customer/You: a subscriber of Vodafone M-PESA who has accepted these Terms and Conditions; and is eligible to utilize the Service

1.3.   Customer Data: means the Customer information provided by the Vodafone M-PESA to the Bank and NANO to enable profiling of the Customers and provision of this Service

1.4.   Due Date: means the expiry of the loan repayment period, when the Customer is expected to repay the advanced loan amount plus Service fee

1.5.   Force Majeure: failure to provide the Service by the Service Provider caused by circumstances outside the reasonable control of the Service provider including, without limitation, any natural disaster, insurrection or civil disorder, war or military operations, national or local emergency, acts or omissions of Government including directives from a Regulatory Authority, labor disputes of any kind (not involving the Service provider’s employees), fire, lightning, explosion or any other such cause (each a “Force Majeure Event”).

1.6.   NANO: means Nano Global Holdings Limited and/or its affiliates, the technology company providing the technical platform to profile eligibility of Customers to use this Service

1.7.   Nano loan / Loan amount: means low value cash loans in Mozambican Meticals advanced to the Customer through the Customer’s MPESA account, and subject to Customer Data

1.8.   M-Pesa: means the mobile money transfer service operated by Vodafone M-Pesa

1.9.   Vodafone M-Pesa: means Vodafone M-Pesa SA, the financial services provider running the M- Service fee Pesa Platform and with whom NANO and BancABC have agreed to collaborate in the provision of the Service to eligible Vodafone M-Pesa subscribers

1.10.        Service fee: charges payable by the Costumer for using the Service, which vary as per the repayment period, calculated as follows

Percentage charged

Repayment period

10% of the amount advanced to the Customer

7 days

12% of the amount advanced to the Customer

14 days

15% of the amount advanced to the Customer

30    ays

1.11.                    Service Provider/We/Us: BancABC.


To qualify for this Service, you must meet the following criteria:

a)      registered as M-PESA customer for the past 3 months;

b)      have no active loans;

c)      not adjudged bankrupt by a competent court of Law in Mozambique.



a)      Use of the Service is voluntary and disbursement is upon request.

b)      You may access the Service via your Vodafone M-PESA menu.

c)      You may request for a single loan up to the maximum advance amount for which you are eligible based on the Service Eligibility Criteria set out in clause 2 of these terms and conditions.

d)      The loan advance amount may be any sum between 350 MT to 3500 MT, as advised from time to time

e)      A loan request cannot be cancelled once it is submitted.

f)       Upon initiating a Loan request, we shall alert you of what the Service fees applicable are and when the loan payment is due.

g)      The availability of the Service is subject the availability of cash and meeting the Service Eligibility Criteria elaborated in these terms and conditions

h)      These terms and conditions is subject to the laws of the Republic of Mozambique.



By using this Service:

a)      You confirm that all information (including any documents) that you have given to the M-Pesa is correct, complete and not misleading.

b)      You authorize M-Pesa to disclose, verify and exchange any of your identity and transactional information with the Service Provider, third party providing technical infrastructure and regulatory authorities;

c)       You acknowledge that we reserve the right not to issue the advance requested by you without giving any reason for doing so. If this happens, no contractual relationship arises between yourself and us.

d)      We shall not be responsible for any delay in service delivery due to occurrence of a Force Majeure event.

e)      We reserve the right to vary the Service fee, Service specifications and / or these Terms & Conditions from time to time, which will be communicated to you before you access the Service.



a)      Ensure availability of the Service subject to availability of funds.

b)      Provide and update information to guide prospective Customers on the use and availability of the Service

c)      Decide on the eligibility of the Customers to use the Service

d)      Disburse and recover the loans. We reserve the right to take any necessary legal action recover overdue loans advanced to You

e)      Upon initiating a loan request, inform You of service charges applicable and when the advance payment is due



By entering this Terms and Conditions, You shall be responsible for the following:

 a)      Provide correct and accurate information requested by the Service Provider

b)      Accept these Terms and Conditions which available on M-Pesa website www.vm.co.mz. The Terms and Conditions shall be binding on the Client

c)      Give consent to the Service Provider to contact You at the address and phone numbers that the You have provided to M-Pesa, regarding this Service

d)      Payment of the advanced Nano Loans and accrued Service Fee on the Due Date



a)      Use of the service is voluntary and disbursement will be done to your M-Pesa account upon receiving your loan request

b)      Your loan request will be granted up to the highest amount that you are qualified for based on our evaluation together with our partners.


 a)      The amount to be recovered at Due date shall be the Loan amount requested plus applicable Service fee.

b)      On the loan due date, the Loan amount and Service fee will be recovered by way of direct debit from your M-PESA wallet accounts and remitted to the Service Provider without further reference to Client.

c)      By using this service, you have given unconditional authorization to M-PESA to debit any of your M-PESA wallet accounts in respect of the Service.

d)      You shall remain the primary borrower responsible for settlement in full of the Loan amount advanced, Service fee, and any other sums accrued as set out in these terms and conditions, in respect of the advance provided by M-PESA and BancABC Mozambique to the Client.

e)      The Laon amount may be recovered in lump sum or installments until it is recovered in full based on available balance in your M-Pesa account.

f)       The Service Provider is entitled to notify any credit rating bureau if You default in repaying Loan amount (whether in part or in full).



We appreciate your candid feedback. In the event that you have comments regarding this Service, please reach us on M-Pesa Call Centre:  Tel: 84111.