Do not pay anything to the agent.

Cash deposits are free of charge

  • If you intend to deposit 1000 MT in your M-Pesa, you must give this amount to the agent and you must also receive 1000 MT in your M-Pesa account, not less.

You do not need to pay any cash to the agent to withdraw money from your account

  • Withdrawal fees are directly deducted from the M-Pesa account, thus you must not pay any additional amount to the agent for this transaction;
  • If you want to take out 1000 MT from your M-Pesa, you must type 1000 MT in the withdawal operation. After receiving the confirmation message, the agent must give you 1000 MT not less. The withdrawal fee is deducted within the M-Pesa platform.

Opening M-Pesa acount is also free.

  • When opening your M-Pesa account, you do not need to pay anything to the agent. You will only need to make a 20 MT deposit (minimum amount). That amount is given to the agent so that he can put in to your account.