Journalism 2009 contest Grand Prize

This contest aims at promoting the recognition of the professionals in communication by choosing the best works published in newspapers, radio and television throughout the year, at the discretion of an independent panel appointed by the National Union of Journalists which is a promoter of this initiative.
The Grand Prize for Journalism contest has a total of 7 categories, but in the 2009th edition the winners were awarded in 4 categories:

Prize - For best Reportage, “Abel Fife ”
Prize - For best sports Reportage, “Saíde Omar”
Prize - For the best radio program “Leite Vasconcelos”
Prize - For the best television program, “Teresa Sá Nogueira”

Vodacom joined the Journalists’ National Union of, to stimulate the Mozambican journalists, to promote and raise the quality of the journalistic investigation in Mozambique.