Handover of the Albasini Primary School

The AlbasiniPrimary School was formally handover on the 24th of October 2005, after being completely rebuilt. Social Responsibility is one of the Vodacom strategies to a Mozambican company with the philosophy of participation and helping to the society.

Vodacom invested about $300.000 (Three Hundred Thousands American Dolars) to the Escola Primaria Completa de Albasini which was in very bad conditions. The invested money was used to rebuilt the school namely, 5 pavillions, 22 classrooms, electricity and a construction of a wall around the school with about 400 meters, to ensure the security of more than 2.500 children studying at the school the Minister of Education and Culture, Aires Aly,Vodacom’s CEO, Hermenegildo Gamito, Vodacom’s MD, José dos Santos, and the “Um Olhar de Esperança” project coordenator, João Gomes, and personalities joint on the handover ceremony of Albasini School,

The Minister of Education and Culture was impressed with the work and congratulated Vodacom on their initiative and reminded that it will not be the first and hopefully not the last initiative in this existing partnership between the Government and Vodacom, together with the project “Um Olhar de Esperança”.

To Aires Aly, this contribution shows the importance that Vodacom gives to the development of the country, paying a special attention in such a sensitive area that is education.

José dos Santos, pointed the exact goals that Vodacom wants to reach with this noble gesture: “We have a solidarity spirit and we identified exact areas and partnerships that we “Vodacom” want to intervene and work with. Education is ahead of all our worries. Investing in education is Vodacom’s intention is to contribute in bringing men and women of tomorrow with best academic capabilities to help on the development of the country and take it to a place where it is supposed to be”.

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