Actions performed in 2006

Vodacom Staff Donation to Children

Members of Vodacom Mozambique staff donated food, clothes and toys to the children living with HIV/AIDS in the "Orfanato Acarinhando Crianças".

Hospital Central de Chimoio Food Donation

Vodacom is proud to able to positively contribute to this initiative which provides a moment of love, care and empathy to those who can not be with their families and loved ones in a very important day (christmas).

Donation of Sails

In a combination of natural blue and blue sea, Vodacom handed over 50 sails to the fishermen’s boats at Costa do Sol in Aldeia dos Pescadores (Fishermen’s Village).

Donation of Encyclopaedias

Vodacom in alliance with education and the NGO called “Look for Hope” have handed over Portuguese-Brazilian encyclopedias and 100 “free play” radios to 4 schools and to the National Department of Alphabetization.

Handover of the Albasini Primary School

The AlbasiniPrimary School was formally handover on the 24th of October 2005, after being completely rebuilt. Social Responsibility is one of the Vodacom strategies to a Mozambican company with the philosophy of participation and helping to the society.