Policy of use of unlimited SMS on Super Jackpot

In order to avoid congestion in Vodacom's network and to protect the quality of services offered to the company’s subscribers, this Fair usage policy shall be applicable to the Unlimited SMS offer on the 200 MT Super Jackpot bundle.

Unlimited SMS use applicable to Super Jackpot 200 offer is offered for private and personal use and/or benefit from the service and offer.

In no case does the unlimited use allow activities aiming at making profit or reselling this service or using this service in an unfair or excessive way (meaning use beyond normal/reasonable limits according to each case).

In particular, if a subscriber uses this service excessively and/or uses this service aiming at making profit or reselling it and/or goes beyond the limit of normal/reasonable use, Vodacom reserves the right to inform the subscriber that s/he are not complying with the fair use policy and then, if such behavior persists Vodacom reserves the right to apply further charges and/or interrupt/exclude him/her from the service/offer and/or from the company’s network, either provisionally or indefinitely, with no further notice.

Furthermore, the use of unlimited SMS offer can only take place through a simple telephone device. The use through PBX or any other line connected to a computer aiming at sending a high volume or simultaneously sending SMS, is not permitted.

The unlimited use does not include roaming, international or premium rated SMS services.

Vodacom reserves the right to end the service and/or offer in question, to change the period during which the offer is valid and/or to amend the relative terms of this policy, with no further notice.