What is GPRS?

GPRS is an acronym that stands for the English name of “General Packet Radio Service”. It is a technology used to transmit data within the existing GSM network. GPRS not only allows customers to access public Internet, but it allows access to all data transmissions via the mobile device based on IP network. The same way you access the Internet, GPRS supports standard WAP contents via mobile device, in a quick and easy way.

Who can use GPRS?

 GPRS can be used by all clients of the contract and Prepaid Vodacom Mozambique that have a mobile device compatible with GPRS.

 What does the amount of data transmission cost?

 You can connect to WAP or WEB for an indefinite period of time, and be charged only by the amount of data sent and received, not by time spent surfing.
 Average document size:

  •  100 pages of the WAP is about 100Kb
  •  1 WEB page is about 100Kb
  •  1 Word document (10 pages with text and no graphics) is about 100Kb
  •  1 e-mail (4000 characters) is about 3Kb

 What is 1Mb?

 It is a unit measuring the quantity of data, which is approximately standard 800 pages of the WAP, 400 emails or 90 pages of Word document. 1Mb equals 1024Kb.

 How to use GPRS?

 1. The customer who has a compatible GPRS phone can use the service and through a click, can connect to the Internet from his/her own phone.
 2. To access via a laptop, you need a PCMCIA card that supports GPRS, Bluetooth or Infra-red.
 3. You can also connect your phone to your computer to access the Internet using your phone as a modem.

 What happens if the data transmission is in progress and a call comes in?

 The client can answer the call and return to the session of data transmission when he needs it.

 What are the advantages of GPRS in comparison to GSM?


  •  It is much faster to access (in seconds).
  •  The client can be connected to the network via GPRS all the time (always online).
  •  High transmission speed (up to 53.6kbit / s).
  •  The ability to access calls while online / searching content from the Internet or WAP.
  •  Rates are based on the amount of data transmission, and not on navigation time.
  •  No matter how long you stay connected to WAP or Internet, you only pay for data transmitted and not for navigation.


 What are the advantages of GPRS accessing Internet, if the access is compared with the fixed network?

 The mobility of the client is the main advantage of GPRS. The GPRS service is available throughout the network coverage of Vodacom Mozambique, and means that you can access the Internet starting at any point that has the sign of a Vodacom network.

 How to active the service?

 Contact Customer care at 84111

 Where should you use GPRS?

 Can be used anywhere provided you have network coverage of Vodacom.

 What Quality of Service depends on?

 The speed of data transmission depends on the characteristic of the mobile equipment. Not all mobile devices support the same speed. The speed of data transmission can also be affected by the location of the customer on the antenna: the capacity of the signal determines the connection speed.

 What handsets support GPRS?

 Please refer to the specifications of the equipment. Equipment compatible with the service can be labeled as GPRS or Internet.

 How to configure your phone to use GPRS aplication?

 The configuration of mobile phones depends on each model. There are basically two ways:
 1. Manually - The person doing the settings must know the configuration parameters of Vodacom. We suggest that you go to a store Vodacom (Vodashop) to obtain assistance, or contact the online customer with No. 84111.

 You can use GPRS roaming?

 Yes, please contact the Customer care for the list of countries.

 How does the Value-Added Services for GSM (as SMS or WAP) operate in the implementation of GPRS?

 SMS messages can be transmitted through the GPRS or GSM. The client is the one that pre-configures his phone and selects whether to send an SMS via GPRS or GSM. WAP is faster in GPRS, the access time is shorter and the speed of browsing (when the WAP page is opened) is high.

 What are the parameters of the GPRS Vodacom Mozambique?

  •  Homepage:
  •  The WAP Gateway IP Address: 010,201,047,014
  •  APN: internet
  •  Port: 8080 or 9201 or 9201
  •  Username: leave blank
  •  Password: leave blank

 What is the cost of activation of GPRS?

 Activation of GPRS is free.

 What is the speed of GPRS network for data transmission?

 The maximum speed of data transmission is approximately 160 Kb / s, however, this may vary depending on many factors such as location, traffic of the antenna it is serving and even the existence or not of EDGE in this antenna.

The client is unable to receive calls while on the Internet?

 No. One of the advantages of GPRS is that it always has available a voice channel. Therefore, there is no chance of losing a call while surfing the Internet. The customer can change at any time of the call to GPRS or vice versa.

You can use the connection to the LAN safely through the institution of GPRS?

 GPRS can be used to access the private network of the institution. Technically, to establish this type of connection you need to connect to the APN provided by the specific institution. Only registered users can access.