Facebook Flex

Facebook Flex is a service that allows Vodacom Customers to access a limited subset of Facebook features without data charges.

Terms and Conditions

Facebook Flex Mode
1. Facebook Flex shall be available to all Prepaid, Hybrid and Postpaid Customers. With Facebook Flex Customers can browse basic Facebook services for free while in the FREE mode.
2. Facebook Flex will be available at no charge to the Customer. The Customer does not require data bundles to access Facebook Flex.
3. A Fair Usage Policy of 20MB daily will apply to each Customer. This limit will reset at midnight.
4. After Customers have reached their 20MB free Facebook allocation for the day, they will only be able to use full Facebook until the next day, if they wish to use Facebook, they must switch from Free Mode to Paid Mode.

Paid Facebook Mode
5. Paid Facebook (DATA) is the normal full Facebook experience with access to all the services.
6. There are no changes to billing and normal depletion rules will apply for data usage in paid Facebook.
7. Should the Customer not wish to continue with the full paid Facebook service, the Customer can toggle to Facebook Flex (FREE) for the basic version at no cost.

Facebook Flex usage rules
9. By using the Facebook Flex service, Customers grant Vodacom permission to give Facebook periodic access to their cellphone number.
10. By using the Facebook Flex service, Customers grant Facebook to share their information with Vodacom.
11. The Facebook Flex service allows Vodacom Customers to switch between the Free or Paid-for Facebook service.
12. By using the Facebook Flex service, Customers agree to receive bundle offers from Vodacom via the Facebook app. These offers will be presented to a Customer when they switch between the Free and Paid-for Facebook service.
13. The Facebook Flex service will be applicable to all major mobile browsers.
14. In the event that the Customer wants to access Facebook flex from a desktop using a Vodacom network, the Customer should be able to access the service by typing “m.facebook.com”
15. Viewing and downloading of videos will be billed as per subscriber tariff
16. Locked Subscribers, permanently blocked or blacklisted will not be able to access the Facebook Flex service
17. The Facebook Flex service will be available to Customers on the Facebook website and App
18. Customers accessing the Paid-For Facebook service will be charged for data consumed using the service
19. If the Customer is using data from a Vodacom network Wi-Fi hotspot, the data usage of the Paid For Facebook service should be billed to the Wi-Fi hotspot account
20. No data charges for will apply to Customers using the Free Facebook service via the Facebook Website or App on a phone that has a Vodacom SIM card.
21. If a Vodacom Customer is using data from a Vodacom network Wi-Fi hotspot, the data usage of the Free Facebook service should be at no cost
22. If a Vodacom Customer is using data from a non-Vodacom network Wi-Fi hotspot, the Customer will not have access to the free Facebook service

23. IOS and Windows FB applications are not supported. Customers using these operating systems would need to use their mobile browser to access Facebook Flex.
24. Facebook Messenger is not zero-rated.