Now you have got "tudobom" on Bradas, the service that offers you unique benefits at national level: choose five (5) Vodacom numbers to be your Bradas and talk for 3 cents per second anytime.

  1. Valid for pre-paid
  2. Applicable for per second and per minute billing
  3. The cost of calls is 3 cents per second or 1.8MT per minute
  4. SMS discounts (for pre-paid customers)
  5. Simple method of activation: to activate the service Bradas just type *103*Nr of the first Brada*Nr of the second Brada*Nr of the third Brada*Nr of the forth Brada*Nr of the fifth Brada# and the call key or dial *111#ok and follow the instructions.
  6. To see configured numbers, just dial *103# and the call key
Terms and Conditions:
  • Only normal Vodacom numbers can be configured as Bradas.
  • Special numbers for competitions and Value Added Services cannot be configured.
  • The public Onecell numbers cannot be configured.
  • The customers wtih bonus will be excluded from Bradas because its rates are lower than the Bradas.
  • Calls on roaming do not benefit from this service.
  • Service administration messages (for configuration and Bradas numbers Enquiry) are zero rated.
  • This service is compatible with PMB, PSB, UAU and Talk More tariffs.
  • In UAU tariff, the customer is charged the first 30s as a single period with the same cost as Bradas and after that in the units of minutes.
  • The service 60+ does not apply to Bradas.