Always On: Net 12h & Net All Day

These are time-based Internet offers that allow our Prepaid and Hybrid Customers aged up to 25 to browse at will and without worries, for 12 hours or all day.

The Net 12h offer is valid for 12h, from the activation. The Client can make successive activations of this offer, and the benefits do not accumulate.

The Net TodoDia offer is valid until 23:59 on the day of activation, regardless of the time of activation. The Customer can only activate this offer once a day.

To enjoy these Offers, Customers must:

  • Activate * 225 #
  • Select the Internet Offers option
  • Choose Net 12h or Net All Day




Net 12h

30 MT

12 hours

Net All Day

50 MT

Until 23h59

Stay Always ON