Txuna Crédito

  • Txuna Crédito is a Vodacom service that allows Prepaid and Hybrid Customers to get an advanced airtime to repay on the next recharge plusdsd a service fee.

Txuna Crédito allows Customers with no airtime and/or in emergency, to get a loan to make calls, browse and chat via SMS with no need to pay immediately.

Prepaid and Hybrid Customers can request Multiple Txuna Crédito Loans: 10, 20 and 50 MT plus a service fee of 1, 2 and 3 MT respectively. This change is effective from the 12 October 2017.

To use Txuna Crédito, you need to fulfill the below conditions:

  • Your first call shall be no less than 5 days.
  • The last recharge event no more than 30 days and the total recharge cumulative amount shall be greater or equal to 10 MT.

To activate Txuna Crédito, dial *111#, select option 5 - Txuna Crédito and then select the Txuna you qualify for or you wish to activate or else;

send an SMS with the text "TxunaX" to 84111. Where X is the Txuna Denomination which can be 10, 20 or 50.

Customers can only activate another Txuna Crédito after the full repayment of the previous one.

With Txuna Credito, you can:

Txuna Crédito Loan

Service Fee

Payment Period

Age on Network

Total Cumulative Recharge Amount
(Over the last 30 days)

Activation Code
(via SMS to 84111)

10 MT

1 MT

3 Days

5 Days

10 MT


20 MT

2 MT

3 Days

5 Days

10 MT


50 MT

3 MT

5 Days

7 Days

20 MT


Terms and Conditions

  • Eligible subscribers shall have no less than 5 days on the network and total cumulative recharge amount over the last 30 days shall be equal or greater to 10 MT.
  • Airtime transfer and monthly fee are applicable to repay Txuna Crédito.
  • Customers shall repay Txuna Crédito Loan within 30 days by recharging his account.
  • Later repayment are subjected to 15 days penalty from the date of full repayment.
  • To query Txuna Crédito amount, Customer shall dial *100*05# ok.
  • This service is not applicable to Postpaid Customers.