Requirements for subscription

Check here the documents necessary for subscribe to a Plan.

1. Form completely filled out and signed by the client, signed and signed by the bank.

2. Readable photocopy of the identity card, driving license, ticket or DIRE (1), within the validity period.

3. Readable photocopy of the institution's NUIT card or receipt.

4. Photocopy / original of the database (not extracted from the database) of extracts from the last 3 months of the main account of the account where the customer has his domicile.

5. Letter stamped and signed by the bank stamped (without receipt stamp) with customer behavior information.

6. Document issued by the bank, with information about the account number and NIB, with stamp (debit) and signature of the bank.

7. The form with all mandatory fields filled in, directed to Vodacom, without erasures, without value limits (if you want to limit, for Flexi packages or the limit must be equal to 3Xsubscription and Postpaid Packages 2X deposit), without period debit service (fill in the debit initiation data or minimum limit equal to 2 years and 2 months), selected option selected, signed and signed by the bank and signed by the customer. Download form here

8. Up-to-date letter from the company, signed and paid for by human resources, with information on the contract period as well as the client's salary.

(1) Mandatory for foreign citizens. If not, DIRE can provide or receive DIRE or pass with a pre-valid visa.(a) For the Individual Client who has no salary, Employment Certificate, Declaration of Undertakings, a Permit or a Simplified License and Certification must be delivered as proof of their results.(b) Contracts are subject to payment of security deposits.