Vodacom Talent Show Final

The second edition of Vodacom Talent Show had its final on 06 September 2009.

The final was attended by many fans that filled the cine-Africa to watch live, the final of this great show. This program has brought some changes in the 2nd edition including the premiums, the vote of the jury, and the coverage of more provinces in the castings, etc..

The 2nd edition featured prizes totalling 500.000MT divided by 3 winners being the percentage of the jury in the 1st edition only 40% up to the 6th Gala and, after that, the public had 100% of the vote.

Coverage: the casting was done in 8 provinces in particular, Maputo, Gaza, Inhambane, Beira, Nampula, Tete, Zambezia and Manica.

Winners of the 2nd Edition:

1st Prize - 300.000MT - Solange - Maputo
2nd Prize - 150.000MT - Ebi Faria - Inhambane
3rd Prize - 50.000MT - Rich and Zinho Lalas - Beira