Txuna Megas & Jackpot

Active the available offers in the self-care menus and pay with TXUNA. For that you just have to enter the menu, choose the offer you want to activate and finally choose as payment method “Pay via Txuna”. This way you have no reason not to use all the benefits that Vodacom has to offer.

The self-care menus are:

  • *111# - main menu;
  • *162# - menu to activate Internet offers;
  • *109# - menu to activate SóPraTi offers;
  • *225# - menu to activate Yá offers;
  • *248# - menu to activate Top and TodaHora offers.

And more, beyond the offers TXUNA CREDIT, you have available the offers:

  • Txuna Jackpot;
  • Txuna Internet;
  • Txuna Super Jackpot.

And to activate the above mentioned offers you just have to dial *111*05# ok.

You have the possibility to activate TXUNA CREDIT offers through SMS and for that, you just have to send an SMS to 84228 with the keyword TxunaX, where X matches the value of Txuna that you want to activate.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Txuna service is available for prepaid and hybrid customers;
  • To be able to activate offers with Txuna, the Customer must be eligible, which is to see how much time on the network the client has, the recharges and offers that you activate and more;
  • At the moment the Customer becomes eligible, a Txuna Balance is assigned, where it is used to control how much the customer can pay with Txuna (after the Txuna Balance is exhausted, the customer can no longer activate offers with Txuna);
  • • Customer can activate offers with Tchuna, even in the scenario of: not having enough credit or no credit, and even having enough credit, you can still use Txuna (as long as you have Txuna Balance);
  • Now, there is no deadline to pay Txuna. Txuna is paid at the time the Client:
    1. Efectua uma recarga (física, electrônica ou m-pesa);
    2. When you receive a credit transfer;
    3. When you receive an offer for another number (in this case the Customer does not receive the benefit of the offer, the value of the offer is used to pay the Txuna and if it remains/ the difference is added to the Customer's airtime);

Note: for all of the above points, if the amount is less than the debt, partial payment will be made and if greater, the debt amount is paid in full and the difference is added to the Customer's airtime.

  • Customer can activate Txuna through:
    1. USSD Menu (*111# / *162# / *109# / *225# / *248#);
    2. Shortcut Menu *111*05#;
    3. SMS to 84228 with keyword TxunaX (X is the Txuna amount).
  • To check the debt and balance of Txuna, the Client has to type *100*05#.

Keep connected and activate the best offers with VodacomTXUNA.