More facilities for post-paid customers

Now, our Post paid customers can benefit from another form of payment of their bills and this will bring greater convenience and also safety.

Before customers could only pay their bills via direct debit or in Vodacom stores now, there is no reason to have debts, customers can pay via ATM, Internet Banking and SMS Millennium BIM.

The customers only need to submit the internet banking services or SMS BIM, access to BIM website or go to an ATM and follow the steps below:

1. Select / Payment Services
2. Fill the entity field with the number 40001 (fixed number of the entity VM)
3. Fill reference field with the reference of the invoice
4. Fill the amount with the value that you want to pay

They are only 4 steps that reduce the time that customers took to address the shops.

NB: the Information about the amount, customers can obtain on the first page of the monthly bill or by sending an SMS with the letter P for the number 84555.

We will support the dissemination of this information so that our customers realize how effective and convenient it is to be connected to the best cellular network in Mozambique.