How to protect your M-Pesa account?

Here are some tips on how to make your M-Pesa account safer.

1. Do not share or show your account PIN to anyone.

  • The M-Pesa account PIN is personal. If someone else has access to your phone while knows your account PIN, he/she can make transactions without your knowledge or consent.

2. Do not follow any instruction given by phone (SMS or call) unless you requested it from M-Pesa customer care line.

  • Many mockers use SMS and calls to try to cheat people. Therefore, do not accept making any money transfer or  withdrawal instructed by SMS or calls;
  • Generally, M-Pesa uses the number 84111 to call customers.

3. Always check your transaction details before confirmation.

  • When you intend to transfer money, always check the number and the name of the person you want to send the money to. Also make sure that the value to be transferred is correct;
  • The same care should be taken in the purchase of Credelec (counter number), airtime purchase (amount and number), etc.

Follow these tips and keep your M-Pesa account and your money 100% safe.