How to choose your M-Pesa account PIN?

The M-Pesa account has a PIN. The PIN is the key that locks your account. Here are some tips on on how to choose your account PIN.

The first tip is to not pick the PIN based on obvious facts such as your date or year of birth, year of marriage, baptism, etc. These numbers are written on our ID cards and many people around us know about them. Who does not know your birthday?!

Avoid also choosing 0000 as your PIN because it is the first attempt of those who intend to invade other PIN accounts. Do not choose a PIN that has equal digits because it is easier to be copied.

Therefore, you must rely on individual facts to choose your PIN. Check these:

  • The date you passed entry test to university?
  • Your first day of school / university classes?
  • The date you met your husband or wife?
  • The day you opened your M-Pesa account?
  • The year you started working?
  • Your street number?

Check the difficulty level and choose the harder to copy PIN to lock your M-Pesa account.