The WFT is a Vodacom service that gives you access to WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter during 1 day for only 10 MT.

You have 250 MB valid for 1 day to enjoy these social networks in high-speed Internet of Vodacom!

This offer is valid for all prepaid and hybrid Clients.

To activate this offer, you must enter the code *162#, select daily Offers and then choose the option WFT=10MT (1 day).

You can activate the WFT service every day and how many times you want per day.

WFT is the perfect combination to enjoy WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. In the event of multiple activations of the WFT, the service megs accumulate and the validity of 24 hours prevails.
  2. The megs of WFT shall not apply to other services such as updates, YouTube, Browse other different sites from WFT.
  3. Customers who activate the WFT will benefit automatically from the NetControl within the next 24 hours.
  4. This offer has a defined Internet speed of 3Mbps.