Turno da Noite

Turno da Noite is an innovative service of Vodacom that gives you access to more affordable offerings from internet to browse and download content between 12:01 am until 6:59.

  • This new feature is available to all customers with prepaid plans and hybrids.
  • The Client must be fully registered.


  • Turno da noite is applicable every day during the period of 12:01 am to 6:59.
  • It can be used to download movies, videos, music, applications and operating systems updates of your devices and more at lower cost.
  • Prepaid and hybrid customers can also activate the offer shift to another number, provided you are a prepaid client or hybrid.

How to get it?

By accessing the menu *111#, selecting the option “Internet”,  “Turno da noite” and following the instructions for activating.

How much?




350 MB

20 MT

1 Night

1024 MB

50 MT

3 Nights

3072 MB

100 MT

3 Nights

Terms and conditions

  • The service is available for Prepaid customers and Hybrids.
  • The service is not available to customers with post-paid plans.
  • The Turno da Noite is applicable every day between the 12:01 am until 6:59.
  • In cases of multiple activations, the Turno da Noite always builds up and greater validity but no change in the prevalent period of use.
  • The Turno da Noite  is charged prior to normal internet offerings and Internet Jackpot.
  • Offer activated during applicable period will be available for the same period.
  • Offer activated outside the applicable period will be available in the next applicable period.
  • The balance of Megabytes remaining does not transfer to the next day period if you activate the offer of 20 MT, however, the Megabytes of 50 MT offerings and 100 MT may be carried over and used for another two (2) nights.