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What do I do with 3G?

  • 3G technology allows you to make video calls in real time from a mobile phone to another mobile phone and a significantly increases Internet access speed (downloads, uploads and browsings);

Who has a Vodacom SIM card needs to replace it or the previous ones already have this technology?

  • To use 3G you just need a compatible phone and configure the network settings on the phone. It is not necessary to replace the SIM card.

How much do I pay to have 3G technology and enjoy all its benefits?

  • The implementation of 3G does not entail any increase in costs. A video call has the same cost as a normal voice call and Internet access also remains the same tariff per MB.

To which customers is this technology available?

  • Pre-paid and e Post-paid

How will I know if my phone is compatible or not?

  • The phone features are in its box and/or manual. The reference can be made as 3G, UMTS, HSDPA or even WCDMA.

I am in an area with 3G coverage but I am not able to use it. What should I do?

  • You should first make sure that your equipment is compatible with 3G and configure network to 3G/UMTS mode and then to the Dual Mode.

What happens if you leave the area of 3G coverage?

  • Having the equipment configured for duplex mode as suggested above, if you leave the area with 3G coverage the phone automatically changes the type of network.

How do I access 3G Internet?

  • You can access internet in three ways: using your phone to navigate, using your phone as a modem connected to your computer or using a modem or data card with a SIM card.

What are the advantages of 3G?

  • In addition to being able to make video calls in real time (with a compatible phone), the web browsing speeds are faster than GPRS/EDGE and can currently reach up to 7.2 MB.

What are the advantages to having 3G Internet on your phone?

  • The mobile Internet access allows you to access online resources such as Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Facebook, Hi-5, Google and much more!


What is GPRS?

GPRS is an acronym that stands for the English name of “General Packet Radio Service”. It is a technology used to transmit data within the existing GSM network. GPRS not only allows customers to access public Internet, but it allows access to all data transmissions via the mobile device based on IP network. The same way you access the Internet, GPRS supports standard WAP contents via mobile device, in a quick and easy way.


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