Internet Control Plan

Data service that allows access to the Internet through any device (smartphone, computer or even a tablet) anywhere.

This is a closed plan, not allowing access to Internet after exhausted the benefits subscribed package.

Who is it targeted to?

  • Suitable for workers with Smartphone, with regular access to the Internet to access the email, see addresses, pages or agenda.
  • Customers who want to have full control of their costs with Internet communication.

Main features

  • Email query, access to corporate applications or search for information, even out of the Office.
  • Access the Internet from anywhere.
  • Use of any reload available anytime and continue to browse without worrying about additional costs on the invoice.



1 GB

3 GB

5 GB

11 GB

20 GB

Monthly Subscription

199 MT / M­onth

499 MT / M­onth

799 MT / M­onth

1,699 MT / M­onth

2,999 MT / M­onth

After exhausting the MB of the plan a tariff of 1 MT/MB applies.
The MB's not used during the month will not be transferred to the following month.