Internet Control Plan

Data service that allows access to the Internet through any device (smartphone, computer or even a tablet) anywhere.

This is a closed plan, not allowing access to Internet after exhausted the benefits subscribed package.

URL Reverse Billing

Service that allows companies to provide their Clients with access to their website or any online operation for free.

Internet Plans

What it is?

These are Internet offers are ideal for Clients who look for flexible solutions, with 4.5G quality.

Ideal for:

Who needs to access the Internet on the computer or tablet, with the best network to browse in the social networks, check emails, etc ...

Internet Add-ons

It is Internet packages that can add to your SMART or Flexi Plan to browse at ease on the Internet from your phone. 
Ideal for those who have smartphone and uses regularly the Internet to access e-mail, check websites,agenda or social networks.