Diesel Monitoring

Fuel management service (Diesel) in real time 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, offering live management visibility and control through a secure login on the Web.

It is uniquely configured to support applications in organizations that currently use Diesel generators (primary and backup).

Main Features

  • Real-time alerts by SMS and e-mail: water supply, fill, low level, high level, spill, tampering, power failure, theft, etc.
  • Tank real-time information for fuel management: with alerts and reporting of quantity.
  • Environmental management: spill detection, detection of water in diesel.

The Benefits

  • Control: visibility of unreliable power supply in remote locations or for mission-critical applications.
  • Cost reduction: Elimination of extra costs arising from fraud and theft.

Main Advantages

  • Simplified implementation: ease of installation and systems integration. Managed, scalable solution.
  • Real-time fuel management: remote monitoring reliable and accurate through smart, economic sensors.
  • Reports: real-time and historical reports with alerts for critical events, like fuel fillers, delivery volumes, spills and theft.