Internet 3G

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What do I do with 3G?

  • 3G technology allows you to make video calls in real time from a mobile phone to another mobile phone and a significantly increases Internet access speed (downloads, uploads and browsings);

Who has a Vodacom SIM card needs to replace it or the previous ones already have this technology?

  • To use 3G you just need a compatible phone and configure the network settings on the phone. It is not necessary to replace the SIM card.

How much do I pay to have 3G technology and enjoy all its benefits?

  • The implementation of 3G does not entail any increase in costs. A video call has the same cost as a normal voice call and Internet access also remains the same tariff per MB.

To which customers is this technology available?

  • Pre-paid and e Post-paid

How will I know if my phone is compatible or not?

  • The phone features are in its box and/or manual. The reference can be made as 3G, UMTS, HSDPA or even WCDMA.

I am in an area with 3G coverage but I am not able to use it. What should I do?

  • You should first make sure that your equipment is compatible with 3G and configure network to 3G/UMTS mode and then to the Dual Mode.

What happens if you leave the area of 3G coverage?

  • Having the equipment configured for duplex mode as suggested above, if you leave the area with 3G coverage the phone automatically changes the type of network.

How do I access 3G Internet?

  • You can access internet in three ways: using your phone to navigate, using your phone as a modem connected to your computer or using a modem or data card with a SIM card.

What are the advantages of 3G?

  • In addition to being able to make video calls in real time (with a compatible phone), the web browsing speeds are faster than GPRS/EDGE and can currently reach up to 7.2 MB.

What are the advantages to having 3G Internet on your phone?

  • The mobile Internet access allows you to access online resources such as Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Facebook, Hi-5, Google and much more!