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Other Services

Vodacom's additional value added services are a benefit on offer with every Vodacom package chosen. These services are the answer to your specific communication needs. They offer flexibility and all around support to all communication activities.

Vodacom Service Description
CLIP Call Line Identity Presentation
CLIR Call Line Identity Restriction
Call Forwarding Forward calls to any number including voicemail
Call Waiting Accept a second incoming call while still busy with the first
Call Holding Make a second call while connected to the first
Call Barring Bar all outgoing/incoming calls from your cellphone
Itemised Billing Detailed outgoing call information
Voicemail Voicemail service - dial 84121 to retrieve messages.
Call Me Get someone to call you by dialing *140* (recipient's number) # and send. Free of charge
National SMS Short Message Service (cellphone to cellphone SMS) sent to a Mozambican cellphone number
International SMS Short Message Service (cellphone to cellphone SMS) sent to an international cellphone number
Mobile Fax Send and print faxes via a cellphone
Mobile Data Send and receive data calls via your cellphone
Talktime Balance Enquiry Find out your minutes or seconds available to make calls by sending an SMS with the letter T to 84 555
Account Balance Enquiry Find out your account balance by sending an SMS with the letter S to 84 555
Upgrade Information Find out when can you upgrade your contract by sending an SMS with the letter U to 84 555
Conference Call The initiator dials the first number from their cellphone and then puts the caller on hold, then dials the next number so that up to six people can share a call
Call Africa

By choosing Vodacom, you save 20% with roaming in South Africa and cheaper international call rates to South Africa.

  • Now you have all the reasons in the world to travel to South Africa. Vodacom has reduced roaming rates with Vodacom South Africa by 20%
  • Vodacom also gives you the ability of calling from Mozambique to Vodacom South Africa for only 10,44 MT per minute.
Call Return "Call Return” enables Vodacom customers to return a call from voicemail without having to terminate the voicemail session by pressing 0 to “return a call”. Once the call is ended you can return straight back to your voicemail session.
Voicemail Deposit Dial 84 131 and the rest of the customers cellphone number in order to deposit a message e.g. 84 131 1234560.
Who Called Now you can find out who called when Vodacom shows you missed calls via SMS.
Airtime Transfer To transfer airtime to Fale Mais or Vodago customers can send an SMS to a specific number - 84 123: TC(space) value to be transferred(space)destination cellphone and then send to 84 123. The customer can transfer from as little as 0,50 MT.
Split Billing This convenient service enables corporate to partly subsidise the cellular costs of their employees. The business can decide to pay up to a certain limit for which it is responsible (monthly or certain amount of calls). The employee is then responsible for the payment of any excess charge.
Call your Corporate Sales representative for more details.
Replacement SIM Replacing your SIM card if it gets lost or damaged. Contact your nearest Vodacom Shop for assistance.