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Txuna Crédit

Txuna Crédit is an innovative and exclusive Vodacom's service that allows Prepaid and Hybrid Customers to get an advanced airtime to repay on the next recharge.

With Txuna Crédit, you can request an advanced amount of 10MT and repay on your next recharge event, with an additional 1 MT of service fee.

Prepaid and Hybrid Customers can talk, send SMS and browse on the Internet even when they are running out of airtime with Txuna Credit.

To use Txuna Credit, you need to fulfill the below conditions:

  • Your first call shall be no less than 7 days.
  • The last recharge event no more than 30 days and the total recharge cumulative amount shall be greater or equal to 10 MT.

With Txuna Credito, you can:

To activate Txuna Credit, dial *111#, select option 5 - Txuna Credito and then 1 - Txuna Credito or;

send an SMS with the text "Txuna10" to 84111

See here the terms and conditions (Termos e condições).