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Jackpot Airtime

With Jackpot airtime, you can increase your talk time up to 3x more from 2MT.

Jackpot airtime is a promotional product from Vodacom that consists on converting your normal airtime into a higher amount of bonus airtime valid on net (Vodacom airtime). With Jackpot airtime, you can increase your talk time up to 3x more from just 2MT.

Therefore, it is a mere conversion of airtime from the main account into bonus as you proceed when buying prepaid data bundles.

Between 00:01 am of September 16 23:59 of September 30, 2016 , Vodacom offers to all its customers in the prepaid and Hybrid, Bacela ALL DAYS in all offers credit Jackpot and Super Jackpot

See, below, available offers:

Price of the bundle Credit Jackpot Vodacom Validity (Days)  *Bacela
2 MT 6 MT 1 2 MT
4 MT 12 MT 1 4 MT
10 MT 30 MT 1 10 MT
15 MT 45 MT 2 15 MT
20 MT 60 MT 2 20 MT
30 MT 90 MT 3 30 MT
40 MT 120 MT 4 40 MT
100 MT 300 MT 5 100 MT

For example, if you have 3 MT of normal airtime, you can get 6 MT of Jackpot airtime for just 2MT to use within Vodacom network. After this operation, your balance will be 6MT jackpot airtime and 1MT of normal airtime.

Jackpot airtime  can be accumulated, you just need to activate an additional offer with equal validity.

How can you buy or activate Jackpot airtime?

To buy Jackpot airtime, just dial *111#, select language then the option "Jackpot". Choose "Vodacom Jackpot" and select the offer as you wish to buy. Alternatively, you can send an SMS to 84111, with the text "J<price of the offer>".

How to buy Super Jackpot bundles to other Vodacom numbers:

  • Via SMS: Send an SMS to 84111 with the text "J<bundle price>,space, destination number". Eg: J2 841111111.

Terms and conditions

  • Jackpot airtime is only valid on prepaid and hybrid.
  • Jackpot airtime is valid anyday, anytime for calls on Vodacom network, except when in roaming and value added services numbers.

How to activate?

  • To activate, dial *111#,