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Checking tariff plan

This service allows you to verify your tariff plan. For that, you just need to enter the code *104#ok. See, below, how to change the tariff plan.

  • Dial *104*01#ok to activate UAU Billing. At this rate, the customer is charged a fixed value corresponding to half the value of the call in the first 30 seconds of talk time and apply rate per second from the 31st second. And still gets a bonus of 0.5 MT per each 30 seconds for calls received. The rate UAU still gives you 2 SMS per minute of calls. The bonus is valid on the Vodacom network. Calls in roaming or International calls do not qualify for this promotion.
  • Dial *104*02#ok to activate Second Billing.
  • Dial *104*03#ok to activate Per Minute Billing.