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SMART Light Plan

A version of SMART Plan for Customers who do not intend to have a smartphone.

Alternatively it offers 30% of discount on  monthly subscription.

SMART light does not require a contract of a minimum period of 24 months this can be canceled at any time.


The included internet in SMART Light allows you to be online. You can access e-mail, check your calendar, visit websites or social networks, anytime and anywhere.

Total freedom

The minutes and messages are valid for all national networks (Vodacom, Mcel, Movitel and TDM). You can call or send messages to any mobile number without worrying about which carrier.

Cost control

Always notifies once you have exceeded your monthly subscription


Plans SMART 50 SMART 150 SMART 200 SMART 300 SMART 500
(for all national operators)
50 150 200 300 500
(for all national operators)
50 150 200 300 500
(for all national operators)
50 150 200 300 500
Internet 100 MB 300 MB 500 MB 1 GB 3 GB
Subscription 349.3 MT/month 699.3 MT/month 1,049.3 MT/month 1,399.3 MT/month 2,099.3 MT/month

Prices in meticais and VAT included . After exhausting the minutes , SMS , MMS and internet included in the monthly subscription the following rates apply : 0:09 / second , 1.20 / SMS and MMS and 2.50 / MB. The minutes not used in the same month carried over to the following month and are valid for three months . The Internet and the messages are carried over to the following months.