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International Add-ons

Are packages of minutes for calls from Mozambique to foreign numbers.

Each additive comprises one or more than one country , just choose (s ) most appropriate (s ) to the needs of your business.

Ideal to speak freely with its customers , suppliers or foreign collaborators .


  • Savings

Reduce the cost of international communications , benefiting from competitive rates to major destinations , with a discount up to 58 % compared to the rates prevailing in the market.


They end up borders for your business , call free to their foreign partners enjoying the quality and convenience of a voice call .


Adds South Africa Portugal EUA , Canadá e Ingland Índia, China e United Arab Emirates
price/minut 9.98MT 14.26MT 11.09MT 11.09MT
Minutes 50 35 45 45
Descont vs tariff base até 25% 29% 17% 58%
Mounthly subscription 499MT/mês 499MT/mês 499MT/mês 499MT/mês

 additives are automatically renewable monthly . the minutes not used until the end of the month not carried over to the following month.

The minutes are valid for all mobile and fixed numbers (s) of the country ( s) included ( s) in the additive , excluding premium numbers and satellite .

International calls are discounted per minute on post- paid plans and second in hybrid plans . After exhausting the minutes included in Amendment apply the rates set based on the voice plan enabled Client