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BlackBerry Add-ons

It is an exclusive offer to Blackberry mobile which includes ilimited access to internet from Blackberry services

Ideal for who has a Blackberry phone and whats to take maximum advantages of his funcionalities, being always in touch.

BES (BlackBerry Enterprise Server) service enables real-time synchronization between your BlackBerry phone and your work email server (emails, calendar, contacts and instant messaging applications). Each user can configure up to six email accounts simultaneously and these include web-based email.

BlackBerry Modes:

  • BIS – allows access to public domain email services such as Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, etc.
  • BES – allows access to private email services such as a company’s email server. e.g. myname@vm.co.mz.

Blackberry may be bought as an add-on service (for either BIS/ BES) when the customer has their own Blackberry device, or a customer may choose to subscriber to a new 24 month Blackberry contract where s/he will receive a new Blackberry handset.

All Blackberry packages from Vodacom allow unlimited email and Internet access provided that these services are accessed from the Blackberry device itself. The Blackberry service is only available to postpaid customers.

Blackberry customers continue to enjoy the benefits associated with the service through Vodacom/ Vodafone’s leading network of data roaming partners across the world.

Deposit is standard.

What are the additives packages available?

Additives Monthly Subscription
Blackberry BIS 550 MT
Blackberry BES 800 MT