Empresa Plan

It is a new plan for medium and large Companies, offering free calls between employees.

It is the ideal option for Companies with team work and with high communication needs.

International Add-ons

Are packages of minutes for calls from Mozambique to foreign numbers.

SMART Light Plan

A version of SMART Plan for Customers who do not intend to have a smartphone.

Alternatively it offers 30% of discount on  monthly subscription.

SMART light does not require a contract of a minimum period of 24 months this can be canceled at any time.


The best offer for smartphones with minutes, messages and internet included.

Ideal for who has a smartphone and wants to stay always connected, without worries.

Flexi Plan

Live Now  with plans that allows the customer to pre-set the monthly consumption.

And after finishing the consumption has the ability to make recharges.

It is the ideal option for those who pretends to control the mobile spendings

Internet Add-ons

It is Internet packages that can add to your SMART or Flexi Plan to browse at ease on the Internet from your phone.
Ideal for those who have smartphone and uses regularly the Internet to access e-mail, check websites,agenda or social networks

BlackBerry Add-ons

It is an exclusive offer to Blackberry mobile which includes ilimited access to internet from Blackberry services

Ideal for who has a Blackberry phone and whats to take maximum advantages of his funcionalities, being always in touch.

Requirements for subscription

Check here the documents necessary for subscribe to a Plan.