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M-Pesa is a financial service that allows you transfer and withdraw money, pay bills as well as buy airtime (vouchers), Credelec, Jackpot and pay different services, such as TVCabo, DSTV from your mobile phone. This innovative service is brought to you by Vodafone M-Pesa SA.

M-Pesa is an easy, simples, fast, affordable and safe way of moving your money any part of the country.

With M-Pesa, you can:

  • Deposit your money
  • Send money
  • Withdraw money anywhere
  • Buy airtime
  • Buy Credelec
  • Buy Jackpot
  • Pay TVCabo
  • Pay DSTV
  • Pay GoTV
  • Pay bills
  • Check your balance
  • Change your PIN.

Why should you use M-Pesa?

  • Free registration
  • No monthly fees
  • You pay as you use
  • No minimum balance is required
  • No need of having a bank account
  • Fast and easy
  • Safe way of saving your money
  • Easy way to buy airtime

Register your account now and make your life easier with M-Pesa.

Compra crédito com M-Pesa e ganha até 4x mais bónus

Compra crédito a partir da tua conta M-Pesa e ganha ate 4 vezes mais crédito para falares com qualquer número 84.