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Internet Plans

What it is?

These are Internet offers are ideal for Clients who look for flexible solutions, with 3.75G quality.

Is available for post paid and hybrid Clients (Control).

Ideal for:

Who needs to access the Internet on the computer or tablet, with the best network to browse in the social networks, check emails, etc.

Entreprise and individual clients, with a profile to assign 12 months contract according to the conditions of Credit vetting.


Flexible solution

  • Fast and easy to install.


  • No installation costs;
  • Competitive monthly subscription;
  • Connects several users depending on the device acquired.


  • Ability to be carried and used in any location as long as it has Vodacom coverage.

Control (Hibrid)

  • You can make a recharge or convert you airtime in Internet offers, always you need.


Internet included 1GB 3GB 5 GB 11GB 20GB
Monthly subscription (MT) 199 499 799 1,699 2,999

After the MBs have depleted, it is applied a charge of 1MT/MB.

Included MB per month shall not carry over the following month.

Internet add-ons are available for these plans.